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Key Lime (Sativa) – Key Lime has a deferred trailing sensation that is exceptionally light with inconspicuous, harsh and citrusy notes. Appraised at 90% THC, this was quite possibly of the most strong oil, instigating an extreme, invigorating buzz.
Purple Punch (Indica) – One of the most scrumptious and intensely seasoned oils of the whole ASCND line, Purple Punch tastes as though it’s loaded with genuine succulent, organic product flavors. This weighty indica is perfect for slowing down toward the finish of a drawn out day.
Aurora Borealis (Indica) – Sweet and woody to taste, Aurora Borealis abandons a gentle trailing sensation like a little taste of oak barrel matured bourbon blended in with unobtrusive piney, flower notes. Its soothing impacts initiate a composed feeling of quiet.

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Firstly, As of late, we had the joy of auditing the whole line of Kurvana ASCND marijuana oil vape cartridges. Order THC Vape Juice Singapore. On the off chance that you haven’t attempted an ASCND at this point, they are extraordinary. Order THC Vape Juice Malaysia. We recently evaluated Kurvana KPEN pot oil vape cartridges back in 2016. At that point, Kurvana was at that point showing a lot of commitment as a new to the scene brand. Order THC Vape Juice Saudi Arabia. From Kurvana’s delightful cylinder/stopper bundling, strain naming, and exceptional marijuana oil choices remembering Banana Smoothie for a fair 1:1 THC to CBD proportion, Kurvana vape items have forever been something to be amped up for. Order THC Vape Juice Qatar

Kurvana Carts For Sale Online

Secondly, afterwards on in 2017, we found Kurvana’s new vape cartridge line, Kurvana ASCND marijuana oils. Once more given our underlying feeling of Kurvana, we had exclusive requirements for the ASCND vape cartridges – and oooh weee, did Kurvana convey!
From bundling and marking to their delectable strain choice, flavor profiles, and intensity, Kurvana has consummated everything about. With justifiable cause, Kurvana ASCND vapes have in no time turned into the absolute best vape cartridges we’ve at any point gone over. Order THC Vape Juice Saudi Arabia

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Furthermore, Kurvana utilizes their own custom extraction machines and strategies to deliver full-range oils that contain bounty cannabinoids and terpenes to safeguard consistent with strain flavor profiles and impacts. Order THC Vape Juice Singapore

In addition, all Kurvana ASCND marijuana oil are profoundly strong, testing at more than 80-90%+ THC. These are incredible vape cartridges for the individuals who appreciate serious psychoactive impacts. Order THC Vape Juice Malaysia

In short, as we would like to think, Kurvana offers the absolute most ideal marijuana oil strain choices that anyone could hope to find. In short, Kurvana utilizes exceptionally sought after indica, mixture, and sativa marijuana strain blends that have unbelievable flavor profiles. Order THC Vape Juice Saudi Arabia

Kurvana Flavors

In conclusion, Their ongoing strain determination incorporates: Order THC Vape Juice Qatar


EARO – Earth OG
LUNO – Lunar OG
NORL – Aurora Borealis
PURP – Purple Punch
Cross breed:

COSG – Inestimable Paste
PINS – Pink Sherbet

TAND – Tangie Dream
KEYL – Key Lime
CANJ – Candy Jack
AMNH – Amnesia Dimness


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